All our developments are inspired by nature.

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We are a German biotech company based in Mainz, Germany. We focus on developing novel products for wound healing and medical skin care of humans, pets and riding animals. The key component of our certified products is Chitosan-FH02™, which is optimized for wound healing. It is characterized by a controlled acetylation density and is protected by several patents.

Our groundbreaking Chitosan-FH02™ also offers special properties for skin care and the prevention of inflammation. Through years of research, we developed formulations for medical skin care products.

All our developments are inspired by nature and it is our greatest endeavor to develop pure active ingredients based on nature without any disturbing ingredients.


our Team

Dr. Manfred Beleut – CEO
Since his civil service in the hospital, wound healing and health management have been a central part of Manfred’s career. His goal is to turn Medoderm GmbH into a game changer for modern wound healing and care. He does not want to manage wounds but heal them as quickly as possible.

Dr. Günter Bauer – Chief Technology Officer & Authorized Signatory
For Medoderm GmbH, he develops new products aimed at targeted relief. As a chemist with a broad array of experience, he understands the mechanisms of action which he translates into applicable wound healing products for the benefit of the patient. Günter also takes care of our patent system.

Dr. Sybille Kessler – Quality Management Representative
She has worked for the company from its start. Nowadays, she ensures that all products meet the company’s internal and legal quality and safety standards. She implements new regulatory requirements and monitors the life cycles of our products on the market.

As a manufacturer of medical devices and medical care products, Medoderm GmbH puts safety and quality for its patients and users first. The in-house, efficient and powerful quality management team works together with qualified and certified partners and is continuously expanded. In addition, our company is constantly monitored by our Notified Body and the responsible state authorities. We prove our compliance with national and international requirements very successfully in regular audits; since 2012 Medoderm GmbH has been certified according to ISO 13485 for the development, manufacture and final inspection of medical devices for wound healing, since 2018 according to ISO 13485:2016. For us, „Made in Germany“ is not a marketing tool, but a hallmark of quality.


MED/CERT – EN ISO 13485 EC-Certificate of Conformity

MED/CERT – EN ISO 13485 Certificate (German)