Pushing the limits of skin care

We are Medoderm

Every aspect of our business is designed to produce highly effective wound and skin care products. Our mission is to provide people and animals with the most effective skin treatment ever, while making it accessible to everyone.

About Medoderm

Perfection from Germany at the Highest Level

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  • Innovation made in Germany
  • Internationally patented
  • Highest quality & safety standards
  • Traceability of all ingredients
  • No unwanted ingredients

Invented by Nature, Perfected by Us

Our key component is a specific multifunctional Biopolymer, which we have developed over many years of research. It is protected by numerous international patents and, unlike commercially available chitosan, has unique principles of action.

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Our unique technology

A ground­breaking key component, as individual as the skin itself.


Special Properties, Proven in Practice

With our specialized products, we are already effectively helping many people around the world with skin care, skin wounds and even chronic wounds. But also animals can benefit from these special properties.

our products

Our research can already be experienced in many products

Certfied quality